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animal communicator
Spirit Mandalas for animals or humans
Custom Designed
3" diameter, chocolate braided or rough-out leather with your specific spirit animal. No two alike!

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The black
Arabian mare,
Sugarfoot, and
Finn, the Dolphin
are here to
guide you on a
journey of discovery...

horses falls

Enter a world where
Mystery meets Mainstream



2015 will bring many changes to Critterbanter. I feel the time is right to shift my attention from animals to people and use my ability as a Telepath to connect with past lives. The relationship between then and now can sometimes help us understand where we’re going on this journey and what we  need to help ourselves heal and move forward from repetitive behavioral patterns. There’s a good chance you’ll feel a resonance with one or more lives, and have an “AHa” moment of discovery as you recognize more about yourself and your reason for being in this particular space in time.

I’m also adding a new feature to these readings. Some of you feel a certain connection with one or more persons from times-past, so I’ll also ask for clarification to help us understand the reason for those feelings.


 If you have any ideas or information you’d like to be made available, please let me know and we’ll work together to make the best it can be for 2015 and beyond. Thanks, and May you all be Blessed now and forever! A’ho!




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